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DEI and where to begin

This 2-3 day training is intended for upper level management and key stakeholders to gain critical foundational knowledge about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and begin to formulate first steps to address these complex issues within your company. 

What is Social Sustainability and how does it
benefit my company?

This 1-3 day training is intended for middle to upper management, including board members, to provide a foundation of working knowledge specific to their industry including how the UN Sustainable Development Goals apply to them.

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What do my employees need to thrive?

This 2-day training provides an initial day with a targeted group of employees (maximum of 50) to identify and prioritize both obstacles and conduits to productivity. The second day is spent with the relevant leadership team to review the first-day data and generate an action plan balancing the needs and resources of the company.

Data collection and
where to begin

Regardless of where your company is on the path to addressing social sustainability, data is the foundation to accurately identify needs, provide crucial feedback, and track success.  BUILD works with your leaders and employees to identify what data is needed, how to collect and store it, and finally how to utilize the data.

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