Innovation & 

Strategic Planning  

BUILD works with you to create an innovative change plan that will create value for both society and your business. Our plans are customized based on issue prioritization, data collection, industry standards and collective agreement.  We provide data-driven methods that are proven effective and industry specific. Opportunities for growth and decreasing inefficiencies are baked into all of our work.  

Data Collection

& Analysis

We are social scientists who start by gathering information to ensure our services fit the specific needs of our clients. We create a baseline to measure change in behavior, outcomes and profits. Assessments equip businesses with the necessary information to create sustainable change while illuminating issue prioritization. 

Concept of business strategy and action

DEI Recruitment

& Staffing


BUILD offers expertise to help you define and hire for an internal DEI position, recruit a more diverse staff and lay the foundation for their success.  Beginning with defining your needs is the first step.

Concept of business strategy and action

Diversity,Equity & Inclusion 

We are experts in this work and have been applying these principles in our work and lives before "DEI" was widely known.  We know that shifting values and ideals does not happen with a single training.  Our services provide a varied approach that results in authentic opportunities for businesses to apply examine their values and practices so lasting change can occur. We help with how you can make change and make it last. 

The words crisis and opportunity in wood

Critical Intervention

Difficult situations arise in the workplace. We are trained and skilled to provide balanced assistance from mediation to individual support.  We find the opportunity for growth and create positive outcomes in what may seem like an impossible situation. We strive for a mutually agreed upon path for all of those involved.