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  • Michelle Turner

Now is the time!

We all want to be our best selves during this time of so much unrest and so much need. We witness the violence, injustice, and sit uncomfortably with so much unknown about what is next. We take stock and feel grateful for the gifts in our lives and yet we are all experiencing this together and it is hard on all of us. This is not the life we planned. As we are feeling depleted and pulled in so many new directions, we also want to help. While we all must step up in ways that we are being called upon to get more involved, don't forget the simple and accessible ways to make a difference. This time offers opportunity to shift your orgs culture and vibe while making a concrete difference in someone's life. If you supervise or lead others, give them grace to be late, to not be performing at their peak and then ask how you can best support them. Maybe it's a longer lunch break, flex hours, working remotely, changing the work week, or monitoring output rather than hours. These are just a few possibilities with many more to discover. These small gestures have rippling effects that can shift your company culture for the better. And right now better would be cause for celebration.

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