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Businesses must ensure a safe workplace. The #metoo movement continues to highlight the need for policies that prevent sexual harrassment.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Creating an equitable workplace increases retention & satisfaction, and productivity & profits. Women and marginalized groups are not being allowed to thrive due to discriminatory practices that are often unseen.  These issues must be addressed collectively to address the intersectionality of individuals and going beyond generic training that have been proven ineffective for sustainable change.

A positive workplace culture is needed for businesses to operate at their peak.
Workplace Culture

Beyond eliminating discrimination, Build provides a clear path to creating a workplace where all may thrive and innovate.  Our approach is to create a workspace that reflects your company values while identifying and addressing areas of need.  Generating a positive work environment for all employees results in better outcomes for both employees and the bottom line. 

Image by Divyangi K

Social Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses of every size are increasingly being called to meet standards of social sustainability set by their stakeholders, customers or increased regulations. We specialize in connecting the environmental component of sustainability to the human or social side.  Our work is informed by the Sustainable Development Goals, which we incorporate into your company's sustainability plan. 

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