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Dr. Michelle Turner

Founder & CEO

I am the founder and CEO of BUILD with experience locally and abroad creating socially sustainable policies and practices addressing discrimination in multiple settings. I started BUILD to strengthen companies by creating a thriving environment for their employees. We build businesses to be their best while centering 

both profits and people. 

Atara Young

Racial Equity Specialist

I have worked to address racial equity in the workplace for over 20 years. BUILD brings together the crucial piece of bridging purpose and profit.  We address discriminatory practices comprehensively with an academic and practical understanding of intersectionality.  My commitment is to ensure my work increases opportunity & purpose for all. 



Allie Palmer

Director of Development

I am a social economist that is passionate about bringing socially sustainable practices

into workplaces while simultaneously increasing profits. I provide relational support, community engagement, and create metrics to measure change.

I joined Build to apply my belief that there is not a duality between doing good and improving profit.

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